The public university loses more than 77,000 students since 2012

Public universities have lost more than 77,000 students in the 2011-2012 academic year as a result of higher fees, the decrease in grants and aid and increased requirements to qualify for them while private have gained ground in the Masters registrations.Universidadok

These are the conclusions of a report by the Federation of Teaching CCOO , with data from the Ministry of Education of June- past and noted that many young people “have given” to initiate studies or have abandoned not have the financial capacity to prices registrations . It has gone from 1,371,355 students enrolled in degree and masters in 2011-12 to 1,294,191 in 2014-2015 (77,164).

CCOO is “lethal” university policy by the PP and its result is a “loss of human capital” and the “principle of equality” that has nothing to do with the decline in the population of 18-24 years argues Education , he stressed the union.

In parallel, private and church universities have increased their market share to reach 30.19% of registrations masters, said Francisco Garcia, secretary general of FE-CCOO, which has asked the government to lower the prices and masters degrees in public schools because the latter have been assimilated to private.

The price difference in graduate courses between public and private universities“has cut a lot,” he insisted Garcia, who has said that there are more “flexibility” in general in the latter. If the government equalize prices to master grade “public registrations surely grow much more,” he said by his side Julio Serrano, secretary of union action, universities and research and occupational health FE-CCOO.

Also offering courses in private universities is increasing at a faster pace in the private than in public (also because it has gone from 13 to 33 private schools) and some communities such as Aragon and Extremadura are occurring “conflicts” both offer the same degree, said Serrano. “The natural career of a university is to make the grade, then the master but with the policy of price increases that path is truncated,” stressed Serrano.

Moreover, data from the budgets of public universities for 2015 are similar to those of 2013 and demonstrate, according CCOO, “we are very far from recovering the collapse of investment over the last four years. ”

Between 2010 and 2015 budgets of public schools has declined over 1,384 million euros , up 13.7%. Although 2015 budgets have increased by 1.5% on 2014 (139 million euros), “the chapters of current income and expenses remainvirtually frozen , “the teachers’ union has argued.

As for the staff of universities between 2012 and 2015 they were lost 7,766 jobs , representing 5.1% of teachers PDI (teaching and research staff) and 4.9% of PAS (administration and services). CCOO has criticized permanent employment is being replaced by quality and “precarious”, since replaced by a permanent teaching staff teachers with contracts that most are temporary and part-time.

Thus, Garcia has drawn attention to the contrast between well-established templates, such as the Complutense University of Madrid  and the University of Barcelona , where you get to destroy 9.9% official teaching staff and other newly created They lost or ineffective grow like Pompeu Fabra or King Juan Carlos of Madrid .

CCOO has called for the university studies in public schools is again seen as a “right” and not related only to the labor market since “educate for more.”


Author: Francisco Neri Bonilla

Francisco Neri is an entrepreneur and a proven specialist in operations. With extensive background launching and managing different kinds of businesses he has more than 15 years of experience in delivering integrated marketing, logistics and digital solutions to multinational clients and companies. Francisco has extensive operating experience in different industries including corporate advertising and corporate communications, marketing solutions, specialized publications and high-profile events design and production. Francisco graduated as B.A. in law at UCAB.

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